Palaeolithic Painted Caves, Northern Spain

This set of recordings was made in 5 caves, El Castillo, Las Chimeneas, La Pasiega and La Garma in Cantabria, and Tito Bustillo in Asturias. These caves are part of the Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain World Heritage Site. A team of musicians, acousticians, artists and archaeologists, travelled to northern Spain to explore the acoustic ecology of these caves. All of the caves feature dramatic cave art, and the sounds of the spaces are similarly impressive. A number of recordings were made in the caves to demonstrate their acoustics, using reconstructions of instruments that could have been played at the time. Some of the paintings in the caves are over 30,000 years old. The more recent paintings are mostly more than 10,000 years old.

More details can be found on the project website.

Below are a number of recordings, as well as a film of the project.


La Grama


El Castillo


Las Chimeneas


La Pasiega


Tito Bustillo




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